About us

The background to why we exist

Terwijl veel grote bedrijven hoge budgetten vrijmaken om digitaal mee te zijn, weten heel wat kleine zelfstandigen in de schoonheidssector niet wat digitalisering voor hen kan betekenen. 

Many still work with an outdated website or even without one at all. Often this is due to a lack of knowledge, time to work on it or people think that a large budget should be made available for it. Not every company has a website or programming expert in-house. And looking for digital solutions externally is often too expensive for small self-employed people.

Our mission

Our mission is to bring the benefits of digitisation to the small players so that they are not left behind in this digital world. 

At Beautillo, the customer comes first. We start from your specific situation. We look at where things are going wrong and then look in our arsenal of digital tools to see if we already have something to solve it. If this is not the case, we will design a tailor-made tool for you!

As a digital agency specialising in the beauty sector, Beautillo is your ideal long-term partner! 

Your Dream. Our Mission.

We are convinced that we can be the ideal partner for your business.

We stop at nothing

We go to extremes for every customer! 

We Love To Explore​

We continuously research the latest trends. In this way, your website stays up-to-date!

We take it step-by-step

We take care of innovation without inconveniencing you.

We keep it simple

Our digital solutions are very elegant, yet easy to use. 

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